How to Get Your Feet Stronger For Running

Some runners include rigorous muscle-building workouts in their regular training, hoping to develop lean muscle in their legs and heart that can make them quicker. As you reach the living room or mats to reinforce your upper body, lower body and core muscles, so your toes need strengthening too.

Assembling the small muscles in the toes and extending them can greatly help ward off injuries like plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia and maintain you are injury-free. Already plagued by means of a foot injury? Try out these stretches to relive some of the pain and get your feet stronger.

Plantar Stretch

1. Toe Spread

What it does: reinforces the tiny muscles in the feet and Enhances balance. The way to do it: Put a thick rubber ring around your feet.

While seated, then attempt to spread your feet apart.

2. Calf Drops

What it does: Strengthens and tones the calves. Get up on the balls of the toes, hold and lower back down.

3. Plantar Stretch

What it does: alleviates arch pain. So that your ankle sits in your left leg, sit down in an elevated place and cross your right leg. Bend your right foot toes back in your shin and grip. The Way to do it:


Select a marble up along with your feet and hold for 20 minutes. Repeat two, and change feet. Variation: Put 10 marbles on the ground and then pick them up one in a time along with your feet and set in a little cup near. Repeat two times with each foot.

4. Towel Curls

What it does: reinforces the toes. The way to do it: dip a small towel on the ground. Sit at a Push back the towel to the start position and repeat to 3 groups of 10.

5. Calf Stretch

What it does: alleviates foot, shin and heel soreness helps with. How to do it: Face a wall and then keep your heels in the floor. Stretch your arms for assistance from a wall socket. Have a step backward with a single leg.

Bend front knee and maintain your spine straight. Lean forward slightly, and push back heels to the floor. Switch legs.